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Fostering a Positive Coaching Environment

Women's lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. With this growth, the need for options for young players has skyrocketed. Flare Lacrosse is committed to providing play opportunities for young women of all skill levels through positive coaching methods and supportive environments.

Getting your child to sports practice shouldn't be a struggle. 


It shouldn't be one more thing that they "have to" do, like finishing homework or eating vegetables.Our philosophy is that the game needs to remain fun, FOR ALL PLAYERS OF ALL AGES AND LEVELS, and these experiences need to be rewarding, both on and off the field.

We support ALL girls as they take their play to the next level by growing their love of the game and celebrating both their individual and our team successes.


Our coaching model allows players to increase their individual skill level while growing as athletes and teammates. We develop young leaders on and off the field while supporting the

With the influx of clubs in RI, there are now more options than ever when it comes to where to play.

The benefits of playing year round with Flare Lacrosse:

*Established in 2018, we are focused on girls' lacrosse ONLY.


*Our founding coaches have been with us since day one and all current head coaches have been with the program for several years.

*As we have grown, we have added coaches with playing and coaching experience to our ranks.


*We offer consistent coaching, by USA Lacrosse certified coaches wo we never have a rotating roster of who is working with your child. We know each athlete's strengths and areas of opportunity, helping them achieve their goals on and off the field.

*You are not a number to us, you are a part of our family.


*Club players receive 25% off our already affordable winter program.


*NO CONFLICT with town teams or school teams. We will never make you choose!

*Every consecutive season you play with us you receive a $50 discount on the next session, which applies to BOTH summer and fall sessions. For example, when you play with us this fall, you'll save $50 on the summer of 24. In the fall of 24, that savings becomes $100, and by the summer of 25 that's a $150 discount!

*We offer payment plans AND fundraising options, to keep the cost of club play affordable.

*We offer player referral bonuses.

*We are locking in the price of $1000 per season through graduation for all consecutive season players, class of 2026-2032.



Kerri has been coaching youth sports for ten years and has instructed hundreds of players. She's been a mom and on the sidelines of youth sports for even longer.  Kerri has seen the needs of young women athletes develop and change in recent years, and has seen the impact that friendships, school work, home struggles, and preteen/teen development have on young women.


She realized that to be successful on the field, girls need to be supported in EVERYTHING they have going on in their daily lives. That is why Kerri is committed to making youth sports an outlet and a safe place for athletes to discover new things and develop their skills, while working their way to becoming their best selves.


Athletes are taught to focus on improving their individual skills while supporting their teammates as they explore their own journey.  We practice with the promise to each other that we will BUILD EACH OTHER UP every day.

In addition to her time on the lacrosse field, Kerri has coached high school varsity volleyball, middle school field hockey, soccer and basketball, and is the mom to three amazing lax players who love the game equally, despite varied levels of play. She is one of five level 3 Certified USA Lacrosse Coaches in RI, and the only female. She and is both an Accredited and Certified Interscholastic Coach with the National Federation of High Schools. She holds the following NFHS Certifications:

  • Fundamentals of Coaching

  • RI State Coaching Component

  • NCAA Eligibility

  • Coaching Lacrosse

  • Coaching Volleyball

  • Middle School Sports

  • Coaching Unified Sports

  • First Aid

  • Concussions in Sports

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Health and Safety

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Heat Illness Prevention

  • ACL Injury Prevention

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Engaging Effectively With Parents

  • Teaching and Modeling Behavior

  • Sportsmanship

  • Social Media

  • Bullying

  • Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors

  • Hazing Prevention for Students

  • Protecting Students From Abuse

  • Understanding Vaping and E-Cigarettes

  • Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs

  • Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Training for Performance

  • Supervising After School Activities

  • After School Security


Flare Lacrosse is committed to the development of strong women athletes. We understand that what happens off the field is just as important as what happens on the field. Our program model focuses on friendship, kindness, and supporting each other to build a stronger young woman, both inside and out.


Flare Lacrosse offers something for all players, regardless of their ability level. We are specifically focused and committed to the development of new and intermediate players.


You don't need to spend a lot of money to get started. Players only need a stick, mouth guard, and goggles.  Indoor play requires sneakers while outdoor play requires cleats. 


This is an easy yes. We want to support and enrich town and school programs as well as continue to develop athletes. On this note, we will never create a conflict during regular or playoff season play.



Flare Lacrosse 

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